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Why should we MOVE to Newfoundland?

It is not surprising that more individuals are relocating to Canada every year for a better life, a higher education, or a fresh start because the nation has one of the safest and happiest populations in the world and is known for its warm and welcoming citizens.

I can assist you if you are considering moving to Canada at this time in your life but are unclear of where would be the best for you to settle down. Here we can go over the big pros and cons involved in moving here.


1. The crime rate

Anyone going to a new location naturally worries about their safety. Take the provincial capital of St. John's, for instance.

Given that this is the province's capital city, the fall in crime over the past three years has been remarkable—more than 9%.

2) The Great Outdoors

You may find only a glimpse of some of the breathtaking beauty that can be seen around the province by performing a fast Google image search. The rivers and streams that flow are breathtaking, and the mountains appear to go on forever.

As there are endless trails and bays to explore, historical monuments, beaches, and other natural attractions, this province is a nature lover's paradise.

3) Affordable

Does the idea of having housing costs that are lower than average and a salary that is almost as high as the national average seem appealing? It sounds fantastic, no?

You can anticipate the ideal mix of reasonable accommodation and competitive wages in Newfoundland and Labrador, allowing you to live comfortably and affordably with fewer financial worries.


1) Unemployment

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate in Newfoundland and Labrador is shockingly high. The province's unemployment rate has fluctuated throughout the year, from having the highest to the second-highest in the nation each month.

The rate was 11.1% as of the end of 2019 whereas the country's average rate for the same time period was 5.7%. As you can see, the government has to take some substantial actions to assist in bringing this number down.

2) A decline in population

Newfoundland and Labrador has been witnessing a population drop for a number of years as individuals relocate to other provinces where they may find it easier to get employment in their industry, make more money, or simply because they prefer to live in a metropolis.

It's possible to characterize Newfoundland and Labrador as peaceful, laid-back, and laid-back. Despite the fact that bars, events, and live music can be found in many towns and cities around the province, it is incredibly quiet in comparison to other bigger cities in the nation.

3) Transportation Fees

Buses are a fairly affordable form of local transportation, but if you reside on the island of Newfoundland, you will also need to factor in the cost of ferries.

There is a lot to see and do on the island, but you can only get to other places by ferry. The cost can build up if you wish to go to Labrador, Nova Scotia, or take any of the other ferry routes off the island; this is especially true if you want to drive, which is probably the case.


Do you think Newfoundland and Labrador is a good place to live in light of the facts provided? Yes, it is unquestionably a fantastic area to live. Although it is affordable, safe, and has wonderful food and welcoming residents, you must, of course, take into account the potential difficulties to decide if it is the right place for you to call home.

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