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Why we love PURGING

Updated: May 15, 2021

Thinking of moving? Looking at packing? Realize how much stuff you have?

One of the most common difficulties when packing and organizing its the amount of clutter that is obtained and realized once the time to move arises. Wether they're collectables, deals you found on the cheap, or a third or fourth item incase the first goes missing or breaks, sometimes too much literally becomes too much.

We encourage our customers to purge. Not only can you save time during packing and moving, but it'll open up your new home without the clutter and mess. Here are some of the PROS and How-to's regarding the great purge.


  • Less time to pack

  • Less time to move

  • Lower bill for moving services

  • More room in new residence

  • Clear space for unpacking and storage

  • Potential $$$ for items sold

  • People in need can obtain these items from sale or donation

  • Lower cost for moving supplies to secure items


  • Contact Local dump for disposal if needed. Numerous around Oxford County alone

  • Contact local charities for donation (Goodwill, Cycles for life Bibles for missions etc.)

  • Throw a yard sale from your residence. Use Social Media, Newspaper, Radio, signs and posters to advertise your intentions.

  • Ask family and friends if they need certain items you have multiples of

  • List extra and unused items on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Amazon, Ebay etc.

  • Put items on the curb for local pickup or sale

Some of these tips and tricks are here to help you save time, money and a whole lot of stress during and down the road.

Thanks and happy purging :)


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